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Air Cargo RFS

Prévost has been the most important air cargo road-feeder service provider in Europe since the 1980s, and its Hungarian organization will soon become the Eastern European specialist in Air Cargo RFS.

Goods are transported from one airport to another by semi-trailers equipped with special Air Cargo pallets designed for this purpose. Goods are loaded and unloaded by pressing a button, and the pallets roll in and out on a conveyor in the same way as later they roll into the plane. Since goods are considered to be air cargo from the moment of loading, they should reach their destination without interrupting the safe transport chain. This demands strict compliance with numerous safety and other requirements.

Scheduling of road transport ordered for meeting flights is strictly planned. Delays or time lags are not permissible – any unforeseen events, congestion, technical errors, or other issues must be immediately resolved in order that the shipments reach their destination on time. The Air cargo RFS business doesn’t recognise weekends, holidays or any other limitations: this work requires 24/7 continuous operations and operators on constant standby.

To meet the orders of reputable European airlines, we deliver 150 freights per week on average with our fleet consisting of Renault and DAF tractor units, as well as mainly box-body semi trailers and, to a lesser extent, semi trailers with refrigerators and tarpaulins. Freights departing from big hubs such as Paris or Frankfurt currently arrive at the airports of Brussels, Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan and Bucharest.

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