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We appreciate our staff because we are aware of the fact that it’s not easy to meet our requirements. We are waiting for those who have the necessary driving style, good physical and mental condition, a capacity to work not only during the day but night as well, a constructive attitude, and who can strictly comply with AETR.

One of the factors we recommend for working with us is a competitive spirit – those who have this will definitely not get bored with any of their routes. You can treat this kind of work like a competition. This attitude can be taken to specific routes, the loading of goods, or fuel consumption. During the performance of the transportation-related task, there are plenty of opportunities to define smaller or bigger goals, and to reach and break personal records, which is always motivating. Competition teaches us to be in the best shape when the starting pistol is fired. The best competitors – i.e. those who have the potential to develop – will be the best colleagues as well.

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