• Air Cargo RFS
  • Guaranteed security
  • Certification
  • International transport

Guaranteed security

Transportation of goods using a special security system can be requested in the case of high value goods or, for any other reason at the customer’s request.

Using a computer-controlled system, the loading and closing of cargo is followed by the activation of a security code. From that moment on, doors can only be opened by entering that specific code. Throughout the process of transportation, the safety of air cargo is also guaranteed by other elements of the system:

  • a cab equipped with alert buttons allows drivers to immediately alert the logistics centre if needed;
  • a power stop function can prevent the engine from restarting;
  • “listening into the cab” from the centre is possible at any time;
  • an "Anti Car-Jacking Security" system is activated when the door of the cab is opened and the key is in the ignition switch.

When goods arrive at their destination, doors can be opened from the centre by remote control after entering a code.

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